American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts





BELOW IS Dr. Coral M. Grouts Journey With the American Legion Auxiliary! More Information on Events to Help Raise Money for the Journey to become National President will be Announced Soon as well as Coral's Leadership Team!

Congratulations Coral the Department of MA American Legion Auxiliary is behind you!




1966-1969 Honorary Vice President of Junior Unit
1969-1971 Honorary President of Junior Unit
1976-1979 Sergeant-at-Arms
1979-1980 Chaplain
1980-1981 Treasurer
1981-1983 President
1983-1985 Senior Vice President
1985-1989 Executive Committee
1989-2006 Secretary
2002-2010 Historian
2010-2014 Treasurer
2014-2019 Assistant Treasurer
2015-2018 Historian
2021-present Junior Vice Co-President
Chairmanships held: Education, Children and Youth, Veterans Affairs and
Rehabilitation, Music, Americanism, Girls State, Field Service, Membership,
Christmas Gift Shop, Community Service, Public Relations, Ways and Means.
Bookkeeper and member of the American Legion BINGO Committee from 1979
to its demise in 2008.

Wrote a grant to the ALA Foundation to support gardens at Cathy’s House
(homeless women veterans home)

1982-1983 Junior Vice Director
1983-1984 Senior Vice Director
1984-1985 Director
1985-1986 Executive Committee
1995- 2015 Historian
1997- 2015 Parliamentarian
1998- 1999 Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms
Chairmanships held: Education (27), Community Service, National
Security, Past Presidents Parley, Membership, Music, Legislation, Public
Relations, Children and Youth, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation.

1986-1987 Historian
1987-1988 Chaplain
1988-1989 Third Vice President, Education Chairman
1989-1990 Second Vice President, Children and Youth Chairman
1990-1991, 2018-2019 First Vice President, VA and R Chairman
1991-1992, 2019-2021 Department President

1992- 1994 Executive Committee
1995-Present Chairmanships *
1998-1999, 2002-2003; 2015-2016 Parliamentarian
2017-2018 Historian
* Chairmanships held: Education (3 in addition to 1988-1989); Community
Service (2), Music (5), Legislation (3), Advisory (3), Finance (2); Constitution and
Bylaws, Distinguished Guests (4), National Security (2), Past Presidents Parley,
Human Resources (4); Membership

1992-1994 Executive Committee (Elected)
1992-1995 Education Committee Vice Chairman
1996-1997 Eastern Division Education Chairman
1995- 1998 Legislative Council
2006-2007 Legislative Council
2007-2008 Education Committee Chairman

Unit and Department Strategic Planning Committee
Assessment Chairman
Oversight Committee

2008-2009 Americanism Committee Chairman

Unit and Department Strategic Planning Committee
Oversight Committee

2009-2010 Constitution and Bylaws Chairman

Oversight Committee
Unit and Department Strategic Planning Committee

2010-2011 Public Relations Chairman

Strategic Planning Team for Public Relations

2011-2012 Education Chairman
2012-2013 Legislative Chairman
2013-2014 Leadership Chairman
2014-2015 Community Service Chairman
2015-2016 Junior Activities Chairman
2016-2017 Historian (Elected)
2018-Present ALA Foundation Elected Director
2021-2023 National Secretary
1998, 2017, 2018 Judge, National Oratorical Contest Finals
1998 Judge, CFA National Essay Contest Finals


2011-2017 Presenter, Mission Training Workshops, American Legion Auxiliary


2010 Presenter, Talking Points in Public Relations, American Legion Auxiliary

(Washington, DC)

2008 Presenter, A New Day is Dawning (Washington, DC)
2008 Presenter, CFLI New England Regional Conference (Nashua, NH)
2004, 2007 Presenter, UMASS-Dartmouth, (New Bedford, MA)
2002 Presenter, New England League of Middle Schools Unified Arts Conference

(Sturbridge, MA)

1999 Presenter, National School Boards Association Conference (San Francisco)
1998, 2000 Presenter, American Association of School Administrators Conference (San

Diego, CA and San Francisco, CA)

1997 Author, “An Introduction to Grant Writing,” NELMS Journal.
1997 Presenter, National School Boards Association Conference (Anaheim, CA)
1996 Author, “Learning Styles,” New England League of Middle Schools Journal.
1995-2007 Presenter, New England League of Middle Schools Annual Conferences, Providence, RI

Member of the Charles E. Grout Memorial Golf Tournament (2004-present)