American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

ALA Bulletin #8, Department Standing rules as revised 5/10/23, New Poppy Order form 6/1/23. (5/31/23)
Legislative updates.  In Memorium Updated.  Membership posting (5/19/23)
Legislative update. NEC Minutes. Convention Raffle Fundraiser. Membership. Eastern Division PR Newsletter.  (5/1/23)
Legislative updates posted.  Membership reports for 4/1/23 and 4/16/23 poste (4/17/23)
Membership Updated 3/15/2023.  End of Year reporting forms, Weekly legislation, Call to DEC, PPP Luncheon posted.  Convention Registration, Convention Call.  (3/15/2023)
Membership updated. Legislative weekly reports added. C & Y, Community Service and Constitution & Bylaws End of Year reporting forms added.  Unit 275 fundraiser posted to fundraising around the department and housing form for Department Convention. (3/5/23)
Membership updated.  ALA Bulletins added.  Legislative weekly report added (2/7/23)
Eastern Division PR Newsletter posted - Chairman's Message page (1/3/23)
Legislative Weekly Update...ALA Bulletin #5 Calendar Winners.  (1/30/23)
New form for membership transmittal.  Legislation update, End of Year forms for Americanism and Education. (1/25/23)
Membership updated and In Memorium updated. (1/15/23)
Jobs postings (1/11/2023) new tab for employment opportunities.
Updates - membership reports.  New phone and address for Department Office.  Legislative update(1/6/23)
Updates to membership and legislative reports.  Children and Youth information on Mini Golf posted to Chairmens Page and to Department Events.  PUFL application posted under Forms page.(12/11/2022)
Update membership report, 11/15/22. Update legislative page 11/18/22. New page----ALA Today. (11/24/22)
Update Legislative. Update Membership. (10/30/22)
Update to Legislative page. Finally got District 8 list of officers, just waiting for few more. (10/24/22)
Update of In Memorium pages (10/21/2022)
Membership report 10-14-22, Weekly Legislative report, Program Action Plans updated for most programs.National Education Awards posted. (10/16/22)
Updated in memorium, added more Program Action Plans.  Link to Eastern Community Service Newsletter on Chairmans Page, Updated District 4/Unit 193 officers and chairmen. New Legislative updated posted.  Membership reports added.(9/29/2022)
Membership Reports posted.  Officers for District 10 posted. (9/15/22)
Updated In memorium pages for last year and started this year.  Updated legislative page,  More Program Action Plans posted. (9/12/22)
New membership report to include National reports. Program Action Plans - National Security, Poppies, Girls State, Education Awards for Department. (9/7/22)
Couple Program Action Plans added.  Chairmans Page with new information including How to do Star Spangled Kids, Americanism Essay and Tally sheet for Give 10 to Education.  Also a card for American Education Week. Membership posted for 9/4/22. (9/4/22)
Membership Report posted (expect postings on first and fifteenth) President's Picnic flyer posted. Fall Conference Information Posted. New Button for Flyers and Events around Department.  New Button for Legislation updates. Flyer for District 5, Post/Unit 247 fundraiser. Update to District 5 Officers/Chairmen. Update to District 9 Officers/Chairmen. Children and Youth Page updated with Bridging the Gap information. Plan of Action updated with Children and Youth plan and Community Service Plan..(8/16/22)
District 5 Updated Officers and Chairs and updated standing rules.(7/20/22)
Chairmens page - History Plans, Postings to Events calendar(7/8/22)
Membership from 6/30/22. President's message - July 2022. Call to National Convention, scooter rental, housing form, tentative agenda, States Dinner, PSA luncheon.(7/4/22)