American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

In Memorium Page with information provided from Membership Chairman. (5/1/19-4/30/2020)  (5/22/2020)
New Program Action Plan Supplements from National poste to page 2 of Program Action Plan button. (5/20/20)
New Information posted from NEC. (4/22/20)
New Button added - Gov't Wesites.  Also with PORTAL access infor from VA & R chairman.(4/20/20)
EDNVP Banquet cancelled. Updated Past Department Presidents Page. Updated In Memorium Page. NEC Briefing fpr 4-3-20(4/6/20)
NEC Briefing 3/26/20. GIRLS STATE CANCELLED!!! (3/28/20)
Posting for Department Convention.  Posting for National Convention Housing. End of Year reports (had to reformat those that I recieve that were not in correct format.  Thank you to those that did it right.) Note from NEC. (3/23/20)Updated In Memorium page with information from Norm Scott, District 4.(3/21/20)
NEW PAGE/SITE Format!!!!  Mid year reports as forwarded by NEC Donna Blattenberger.  Event Flyer entries. In Memorium page updated. (3/15/2020)
Update In Memorium page from Department Chaplain. Check the Event Flyers Page for upcoming events.(2/9/20)
Remarks from NEC Donna Blattenberger.  Updated Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Updated cover page for Department Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Updated templates for Unit and District Constitution and Bylaws.  (1/11/2020)
Remarks forwarded by NEC Donna Blattenberger (12/27/19)
Membership report as of November 15, 2019.(11/15/19)
New Page or NEC - Fall Conference Report and Briefings.  Expect more briefings from NEC.  Department C & Y Challenge listed on C & Y page for Kids Are Heroes Two.  End of yer reports for Children & Youth, Community Service, along with Americanism report posted.  Also posted are the impact reports for Member, Unit, District and Department. (11/8/2019)
Updated membership from 10/24/19.  Schedule for Fall Conference.  Call to DEC of November 1, 2019. (10/29/19)
Updated information on Children & Youth page. (Youth Hero/Good Deed Award Nomination and press release templates.  COTA information). 10/21/19.
Membership for Oct 11, 2019 (10/15/19)
National Scholarships posted to Education Awards Page, includes new Junior Loyalty Scholarship.  (8/17/19).
Membership report posted for 8/16/19.  Membership Award sheets posted.  Sefvicewoman of the Year and Unit Member of the Year Posted.  Program Action Plans Supplements from National 2019-2020 posted.  Waiting on Department PAPs. (8/16/19)
Updated District One page, Updated Department Officers and Chairmen, Updated Children and Youth Page. Updated Calendar Entries.  ****Important Amendments to National Governing Documents to come before National Convention****8/9/19.
Membership as reported from State Office of 7-11-19.
Updated district pages. Updated National Convention page. Update to calendar entries.  6/10/19
Updated new department officers and chairmen.  Couple Districts updated also.  In Memorium Page updated. 6/4/19