American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

NEC Mid year reports.  Membership 2/26/21 (2/28/21)
End of Year Reporting Forms (2/22/2021)
Membership 2-19-21.  NEC weekly report 2-19-21. (2/20/21)
Membership 2-5-2021 (2-6-2021)
Year End Reports posted for AEF and Historian. (2/2/21)
Membership - 1-29-21, NEC Weekly Briefing 1-29-21. (1/30/21)
Membership - 1/22/21. (1/24/21)
Americanism Chairman's Message on Chairmens Message page.  NEC Weekly Briefing. (1/18/21)
Department Standing Rules as amended January-DEC 1/2/2021. (1/13/21)
Membership Update. Weekly Briefing from NEC (1/9/21)
Holiday Calendar Winners posted. (1/6/21)
message from NEC  (1/4/21)
Membership 12/31/2020.
Updates to Calendar.  Poppy Day Coloring Book added to Children and Youth page. Membership 12/17/2020.
Membership 12/10/2020.
Membership 12/3/20. National Security message to Chairman's page. end of year report for National Security.(12/3/20)
Updated to District One Officer and Chairmen (11/29/20)
Membership 11/25/2020.
Membership 11/19/2020.
Message posted to Chairman's page under Education and on Education Awards page about waiving SAT requirements (11/16/20)
Update District 5 Officers and Chairmen.  Posted to Education Award Page list of winners from 2019-2020.  Posted to Chairmens message page ---VA & R - information on Virtual NVCAF and Education - list of Education Award Winners for 2019-2020.
Membership 11/12/2020.
Membership 11/5/2020.  Chairmen Message page - Children & Youth
Membership updates. (11/1/2020)
Fall Conference Plan Posted. (10/23/20)
Been very busy here copying,scanning and converting all the Program Action Plans from Department so they could be posted to your web site.  would be so much easier to get these in computer format.  New button added for chairmen.  Now if chairman has message, they can send to me for posting here the same as we have had the President's message page and the secretary's message page.  Always trying to improve the site.  Any suggestions will be considered.  (9/22/2020)
NEC Briefing for 8/21/2020.  August NEC Committee Reports.  Children and Youth Links from Department Chair from National including an updated Halloween Coloring book. (8/24/2020)
NEC Briefing 8/17/20. TAL Boys State memo. New Poppy Order Form.  Department Education Awards ---All posted. 8/15/20.
President's message.  Some dates entered in calendar.  National Education Awards posted. (8/9/20)
Membership report for 7/9/2020. NEC Briefing for 7-8-20 (7/9/20)
District 2 posting of officers and dates for 20-21. Posting of call to DEC. Posting of NEC briefing. (7/8/20)
Finally got some membership reports to post - May 29, 2020 and June 11, 2020. (6/13/20)
New In Memorium page for 2020-2021.  Posted call to Emergency Telecon DEC.(5/27/2020)
In Memorium Page with information provided from Membership Chairman. (5/1/19-4/30/2020)  (5/22/2020)
New Program Action Plan Supplements from National posted to page 2 of Program Action Plan button. (5/20/20)
New Information posted from NEC. (4/22/20)
New Button added - Gov't Wesites.  Also with PORTAL access infor from VA & R chairman.(4/20/20)
EDNVP Banquet cancelled. Updated Past Department Presidents Page. Updated In Memorium Page. NEC Briefing fpr 4-3-20(4/6/20)
NEC Briefing 3/26/20. GIRLS STATE CANCELLED!!! (3/28/20)
Posting for Department Convention.  Posting for National Convention Housing. End of Year reports (had to reformat those that I recieve that were not in correct format.  Thank you to those that did it right.) Note from NEC. (3/23/20)Updated In Memorium page with information from Norm Scott, District 4.(3/21/20)
NEW PAGE/SITE Format!!!!  Mid year reports as forwarded by NEC Donna Blattenberger.  Event Flyer entries. In Memorium page updated. (3/15/2020)
Update In Memorium page from Department Chaplain. Check the Event Flyers Page for upcoming events.(2/9/20)
Remarks from NEC Donna Blattenberger.  Updated Constitution and Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Updated cover page for Department Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Updated templates for Unit and District Constitution and Bylaws.  (1/11/2020)
Remarks forwarded by NEC Donna Blattenberger (12/27/19)
Membership report as of November 15, 2019.(11/15/19)