American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts

Membership Report 11/19/21(11/20/21).
NEC Weekly Briefing (11/19/21)
Chairmens messages(Americanism,Education) Department Americanism Nomination.  Flag Appreciation Certificate posted on Chairmens message page. Girls State Sponsor Form Posted. NEC weekly Briefing.  District 5 fundraiser posted to Department fundraising page and page 2 of District 5. (11/12/21)
In Memorium page udated with information received. Department Education Awards scanned and posted. Chairmen messages from Fall Conference posted.NEC weekly Briefing. Membership report for 11/6/21, received on 11/5/21 posted. Unit 275 Calendar posted to Dept Fundraisers and to District 3 page 2. (11/8/21)
Presidents Message - November 2021(11/5/21)
Membership report dated 10-21-21. (10/31/21)
Weekly briefing from NEC,  Membership Report (I had to convert to PDF) 10/22/21. (10/27/21)
Membership Report of 10/9/21 received on 10/8/21, Weekly Briefing 10/8/21. National Education Awards posted. (10/11/21)
Membership Update 10/1/21.  Weekly Briefing from NEC 10/1/21 (10/3/21)
Membership updates 9/10/21.  (9/14/21)
Weekly Briefing from NEC. Still waiting on Department action plans for Historian, Chaplain and VA & R. (9/5/21)
Action Plans from Department Chairs posted.  Still waiting on a few of them. Fall Conference info posted. Membership page. Past Department Presidents Page. In Memorium Page, Forms page.......all updated.(8/30/21)
Flyer for EDNVP Carolyn Baranowski Banquet posted. (8/13/21)
Update to Department Chairmen. Updated Past Department Presidents Page. (8/9/2021)
Weekly Briefing from NEC and info on Nat'l Conv. (8/7/2021)
Weekly Briefing from NEC and information on Program Action Plans. (8/2/21)
Weekly Briefing from NEC (7/23/21).
Update District 4 page. (7/22/21)
Update District 2 page, NEC weekly brief. Updated calendar, event flyer page update. (7/19/21)
Standing Rules as revised June 2021. Call to Aug. DEC. Updated calendar. Updated links on Children & Youth page(7/6/21)
President's message.  Department President's Testimonial information. NEC weekly briefing. PAP Info for 2017-2022 (waiting on new) Membership awards for upcoming year.(7/5/21)
NEC Page. Calendar Entries. (6/26/21)
Updated some Department emails.  Updated In Memorium page for 2020-2021. (6/21/21)
NEC Page (6/20/21)
Education Awards posted.  Weekly briefinmg from NEC. (6/8/2021)
close of Annual Convention 6/5/21 - Pages being updated. (6/6/21)