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State House, Room 546-2, Boston, Massachusetts 02133

American Legion Auxiliary - Department of Massachusetts


Amelia Earhart


1st Vice President

Baroness Raymonde de la Roche

First licensed woman pilot

2nd Vice President

Harriet Quimby

First Licensed US woman pilot

3rd Vice President

Emily H. Warner

First female pilot of a major U.S. scheduled airline


Elizabeth Dole

Secretary of Transportation First woman in American history to hold that cabinet position


Lorraine K. Potter

First female Chaplain in the United States Air Force


Diana Barnato Walker

First female pilot to fly faster than sound


Eileen Collins

First Female Space Shuttle Commander


Sally Ride

First American woman in space


Sky Marshall


Assistance Sergeant-at-Arms



Auxiliary Members



Past Department Presidents



Honorary Junior President

Victoria Louise "Vicki" Van Meter 

Many “youngest pilot” records

Junior Auxiliary Members

Goldfish Club


Department Commander

Charles Lindbergh





SAL Commander

Igor Sikorsky


Sons of the American Legion

Caterpillar Club


Membership Team


Women Airforce Service Pilots




District Directors

Women in Aviation



District 1

Katherine Stinson

Focke-Wulf FW 190

District 2

Louise Thaden

Mitchubishi Zero-Sen

District 3

Jackie Cochran

Curtis Warhawk

District 4

Ruth Nichols

Hawker Hurricane

District 5

Helen Richey

Pan Am Clipper

District 6

Bessica Raiche

De Havilland Mosquito

District 7

Dorothy Stenzel

Grumman Hellcat

District 8

Betty Skelton

Douglas DC-3

District 9

Neta Snook

Supermarine Spitfire

District 10

Jerrie Cobb

Polikarpov I-16




Past National Commander – Jake

Wilbur Wright


Past National Commander – Paul

Orville Wright








June Executive Meeting

Big Kill Devil Hill-Kitty Hawk, NC


August Executive Meeting

National Aviation Day

August 19

Fall Conference

Breaking the Sound Barrier

X-1, Chuck Yeager (45,000’)

Jan Executive Meeting

Last Men on the Moon

Apollo 17 – December - 1972

April Executive Meeting

Space Shuttle Flight

First Space Shuttle – April 12, 1981 - Columbia

Department Convention

Bendix Trophy Race

1936 - On September 4, Louise Thaden and Blanche Noyes beat male pilots in the Bendix Trophy Race, the first victory of women over men in a race which both men and women could enter.

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